Top WordPress Hosting Providers

WP Engine

With over 250 employees, 300,000 sites hosted and a successful funding round of $23 million recently secured, WPEngine is making a serious play to be the market leader in the managed WordPress hosting space.

Their promise to remove the hassles of system administration from site owners’ lives naturally comes at a price, but they’re backing up their words with an emphasis on security, support for cutting-edge technology (such as Facebook’s HHVM) along with their own in-house innovations.

WP Engine’s blog is also an excellent source of technical information for WordPress developers of all experience levels in series such as the Finely Tuned Consultant.

In addition to writing an excellent blog, CEO Jason Cohen is a regular and entertaining speaker online on the subjects of both hosting and entrepreneurship. His thoughts on the subject of growth hacking and his recent overview of the world of WordPress hosting are both well worth watching.

SiteGround – The Perfect Middle Ground in WordPress Hosting

sitegroundWhen it comes to considering a host for your WordPress site, there’s generally the very generic shared hosts which are fine and cater to the tightest of budgets, and at the other end of the scale there’s the very finely tuned WordPress-specific hosts, such as WP Engine, which may give you a performance and security boost, but certainly burn a hole in your wallet.

Until recently, there hasn’t really been a middle ground. But in the last year or two, SiteGround has really made a mark on the community as a decent trade-off between the two extremes.

On the one hand, it is a shared hosting environment, and isn’t exorbitantly priced (plans start at $3.95/mo – very comparable to all shared hosts), but on the other, it is tailored for WordPress and has a lot of “premium tools” that are more typical of the high-end hosts.


flywheelDesigners and creative agencies have long leaned on WordPress as their CMS of choice for client work. Flywheel are trying to corner this market by offering dedicated hosting targeted at the requirements of that exact niche.

It’s a smart idea. System administration is generally not exactly at the top of the list of agencies’ core competencies, and the option of being able to seamlessly hand off that part of the equation to experts – while selling the service onto clients – is an attractive one.

Flywheel’s integration of designer-focused tools for collaboration and previewing along with well thought-out solutions for site staging and invoicing show their commitment to addressing the needs of this segment in depth.

Flywheel also provides an excellent blog and series of introductory guides targeted specifically at designers and agencies.